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Executive body

The administration and management of the affairs of the society shall be entrusted to the Executive committee duly elected at the Annual General Body meeting of the society.  The Executive committee shall be the Principal Executive Body of the Society.  The President, Vice President, General Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer, and Chief Editor of the society  shall be the office bearers. 


Functions of the Executive Body and Office Bearers


President: Dr. R. M. Sundaram,
Director, ICAR - IIRR, Hyderabad.

Presides over all the meetings of the both General Body and executive committee.


Vice President-1: Dr. ON Singh
ICAR - NRRI, Cuttack.

Assists the President in discharging his functions. In the absence of the President,  will perform the duty of the President as entrusted by him.


Vice President-2: Dr. Y. Chandra Mohan,
ARI, PJTSAU, Hyderabad.

Assists the President in discharging his functions. In the absence of the President,  will perform the duty of the President as entrusted.


General Secretary: Dr. R. Mahender Kumar,
ICAR - IIRR, Hyderabad.

Is the Chief Executive Officer and custodian to all records  relating to the society and be the correspondent.  Has to take on record of all minutes and convene both the bodies of the society with the permission of the President .  Will guide the Treasurer in preparing the budget and expenditure statement to put before the General Body for its approval.


Joint Secretary: Dr. Gopal Krishna,
ICAR - IARI, New Delhi.

Has to do the work as entrusted by the Executive Committee.  Has to assist the Secretary in discharging his duties.  In the absence of Secretary he/she can perform the duties of the Secretary.


Treasurer: Dr. B. Nirmala
ICAR - IIRR, Hyderabad.

Responsible of all the financial transactions relating to the society.  Has to maintain accounts properly along with the vouchers.  Has to prepare the budget expenditure statement with the guidance of Secretary.  Has to operate the amounts of the society jointly with Secretary and President.


Chief Editor: Dr. CH. Padmavathi,
ICAR - IIRR, Hyderabad.




Half of the total members for general body meeting and 1/4th for executive body meeting.



i)The funds of the society shall be derived from (a) admission fees, (b) annual subscription of members, (c) donations (d) grants-in-aid from Government of (central and States), Institutions, Associations, societies or individuals interested in the work of the society (e) subscription to the journal of the society, and sale proceeds of publications, (f) charges for publishing advertisements in the publications of the society, and g) other sources, if any. The funds shall be spent only for the attainment of the objectives of the society and no part there of shall be paid or transferred to any of the members through and means.



Any addition, alteration or omission in the Rules and Regulations of the Society shall be effected by a resolution passed by two third majority of the members present in person at a General meeting of the society duly convened for the purpose and confirmed by two thirds majority for the members present at second meeting.


Winding up

In case the society has to be winding up the property, funds of the society shall be transferred to some other institution with similar aims and objects.

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